I’m Working On It – Sneak Peek!

April 7, 2012

Do you remember the fabric I posted back on January 24th? Well… the construction phase of that project is going smoothly and the house is really taking shape.  And the best part… the furniture has started to arrive!  So excited to get two chairs in for the living room  (Frames: Lee, Fabric: Osborne & Little and Schumacher) as well as the two lead chairs (Frames: Lee, Fabric: Romo) for the dining room yesterday.  I already sent images to my client and we are both giddy about the upholstery and great it looks.  Neither of us can stand leaving them in climate controlled storage while the construction details are wrapped up… but we don’t want them dusty of smudged with paint.  We will have to wait a few more weeks.  Want to see just a little bit more?  OK, but after this you will have to wait the few weeks with us until we start installing!  

This is one of two lead chairs for the Dining room.  The Romo fabric is TOO DIE FOR beautiful.  Leaving the legs wrapped so that they are pristine when I deliver them.  The additional chairs around our Kravet dining table will have the same fabric on the seats, but of course we mixed it up and put something else on the front and backs of the backs…  You’ll see soon enough.

These very special chairs will have front row seats to spectacular water views!  Comfortable as they are pretty, no doubt they will see many, many beautiful days… swiveling between social gatherings and gazing at the water.  We had paired these chairs with a sofa covered in a wide stripe (see pic from January 24th blog) from Nobilis thats tan, taupe, light aqua and deep aqua.  Should be show-stopping, YIPPIE!


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