April 6, 2012

The 70’s were bad for shag carpet and swivel chairs, the 80’s were bad for pink, teal and zebra print anything.  Well everything old is new again (but I’m not talking pink & teal) I’m talking a dash of zebra print… It is the new must have in any chic environ.  

I’m working with a client right now that is wanting to finish and breathe life into a living room that has never really come together for her and never really been that inviting.  She already has a beautiful marine blue velvet sofa that I’m happy to integrate and take cue’s from.  We are planning on a pop of zebra – maybe the ottoman – and dashes of burnished gold to add a bit of sparkle to the space.  An unexpected modern piece or two will keep the room from feeling to stuffy.

Don’t try to cover a pair of chairs in Zebra – or leopard or cheetah, tiger or giraffe for that matter – it can be done but it has to be done well… I suggest you leave that to a professional.  If you are a weekend warrior wanting to update your space, try an ottoman or a pair of pillows.  Lesson: a little goes a long way!


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