CHEVRON trend Alert!

April 1, 2012

Paint some, stitch some, buy some… do whatever it takes to get yourself some chevron stripes!  Nothing is as hot in the world of interior design as the chevron.  Drawer fronts, curtains, rugs, pillows, if you can imagine it with a chevron pattern it’s probably been done already but that’s ok, get some and wake up that room you feel could use an extra kick.  Chevron stripes are bold and make a statement, use them sparingly or go crazy with them it doesn’t matter, I guarantee that where ever you put them (with practally anything I might add) will be instantly updated and “current”.  

I am crushing on this emerald green!  Could have been a blog post all its own… when our love affair with orange begins to wane I predict that emerald green will take over as the “it” color.  While we are talking hot colors… raspberry and turquoise are also HOT right now, perfect for the on coming warmer months, these colors are being gobbled up by my clients and are becoming available through hip and “in crowd” retailers.


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