White Kitchens

March 31, 2012

NOPE, I never get sick of them… how could you get sick of a classic?  Bored, maybe but that’s the beauty of WHITE.  change the flowers, the do-dads, the knobs even, hand towels, dishes, pots and pans, heck… change everything that isn’t attached, but keep the bones white(ish) and you’ll never go wrong.  The gorgeous stone countertops, subway tiled back-splash and the WOW-Factor light fixture are al this room really needs, but the pops of yellow add a nice spring touch.

The vintage style of this little kitchen has charm.  It doesn’t need big over-scaled lights to look good.  There is always a chance you might over-design so be careful when choosing a look ( modern, country, urban chic, industrial, cabin, cape, beach house, etc.) that you don’t go overboard.  a look is simply that, if you take it all the way to “theme” then you have probably gone to far.   The cabinets feet, the open shelves and the checker-borad floor are enough to get the point-of-view of this kitchen across.


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