La maison de COCO

March 29, 2012

La maison de COCO at 28 Bellevue Ave in Newport specializes in tea-infused truffles and French-inspired desserts. Next time you find yourself in Newport seek out la maison de COCO and experience a touch of France and enjoy a café au lait, pot of tea or a decadent hot chocolate at their COCO bar.

The pastry chef at la maison de COCO is a close friend, and I love her, but she has spent the past 20 years developing recipes that will marvel your guests – should you choose to share her confections – especially those with an artistic eye and discerning palate. If you need a dessert for a dinner party, allow la maison de COCO to help you end the evening on a sweet note. If you are at a loss for a unique hostess gift, stop by la maison de COCO and allow our staff to assist you in making the perfect selection including hand made, hand picked and packaged on the spot assorted truffle boxes.  You’ll be so glad you found them.


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