Hosfelt Gallery NYC – Luka Fineisen

March 25, 2012

New York: Using frost, foam, food, glitter, viscous liquids and molten metal, German artist Luka Fineisen presents ambitious sculptural works that explore moments of becoming.  This exhibition is the premiere of Fineisen’s work in the US.  “Phase transitions” is the term used in thermodynamics to describe the shifts between solid, liquid and gaseous states of matter.  At a literal level, this is what Fineisen represents in her work – tipping points – the transitional moments when a substance changes from one condition to another.  While playing with formal sculptural concerns of modernism and pos-minimalisim, she explores movement and potential.  Luka Fineisen was born in Offenburg, Germany and educated at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf.  She has exhibited in museums throughout Germany.  This is her first solo show in the US.  The show ends Saturday March 31st.

Hosfelt Gallery New York is located at 531 W 36th Street, between 10th and 11th avenues. Due to construction, 36th Street is accessible only from 10th Avenue. Hours are Wed-Sat 10-6. For more information, contact Celene Ryan at 212.563.5454 or celene@hosfeltgallery.com.

images top to bottom:Bubbles, 2010, plastics, various sizes from 3 to 16 inches tallFrosting (detail), 2012, coolant, humidifier, metal, wood, rubber, styrofoam, frost

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