Take A Little PiECE Of My Heart…

March 18, 2012

The newLeather Bags by Jason Halsey are SO pretty!  After years of honing his skills for other brands, Halsey is finally making his dream come true with an inaugural range of exquisite and successful leather bags with bold designs and colours, and outstanding finishing details. The PiECE collection for Autumn/Winter 2012 caught the attention of The Style Examiner and I had to share it with all of my readers.

Halseys goal was to show the dual qualities that accessories can contribute to fashion: masculine and feminine, couture and ready to wear, craftsmanship and artistry, and even eccentricity and minimalism. The range of bags has a signature look, recurring features of ergonomic and organic lines contrasted with geometric panelling and pleating detailing. The colour palette for the collection has been inspired by the golden age of motor racing and includes colours such as British Racing Green, Racing Yellow, Pewter inspired by Aston Martin, a Red inspired by Ferrari, and dark rich Tan and Ivory White that signify the quality of fine leather car interiors. Black acts both as a statement and an accent colour throughout the collection.

The design of the Gladstone bags, which are the collections signature pieces, has contrasting colours or leathers, highlighting the contemporary application to what is recognisably a classic shape in a playful and yet elegant manner. And this is what makes PiECE‘s designs so alluring. The pieces are all designed by Halsey but produced in FlorenceItaly, by expert traditional leather makers that have been manufacturing similar accessories for top-end fashion brands such as VersaceMoschino and Zac Posen for many years. The details that Halsey has incorporated into the design of each bag make an examination of these pieces a worthwhile and enjoyable process. Pockets are lined with high-quality fabrics, and zippers and metal locks have been carefully developed.


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