Flat Weave Wool Rugs (and a few others)

March 16, 2012

I’m loving the easy and casual Nourmak flat weave wool rugs by Nourisan.  They are traditional when it comes to the patterns but interesting colorways and the unique construction make these rugs a great choice for a second home, beach house, family room or kitchen.  Now that’s not to say they don’t look good in living rooms and dining rooms – because they do – but the face of these rugs is not a cut pile like a standard rug, it’s more like a thick dhurrie or kilim rug.   The client I’m shopping for has a beautiful house perfectly situated between a beautiful centuries old farm and cranberry bogs.  A large room off the back of the house with lots of windows is becoming a new family/playroom and were looking for the perfect rug.  Knowing were going to have a massive linen sectional in the space I’m hoping to find a rug that is interesting enough to support 16 feet or more of solid linen but pull too much attention.  These are all pretty.. I like the tonal vibe and taupe base of the first two and the last will look good with taupe or tan, but these are cut pile rugs ( also from Nourisan ) worried they may feel heavy in the warmer months.  Maybe we roll it up and cool the room down by exposing the tile floor in the hot, muggy months?!  will have to order samples and see what looks best and what the client likes of course.  Stay tuned will try to snap a pic during out next meeting so you can see the work in progress.

Oh and BTW… when I googled dhurrie to make sure I was spelling it correctly, this is what popped up…

Sorta good looking huh? and a deal! $149.00 for a 2 x 9 runner.  Limited sizing, but if you can use what Nate’s offering I think it a great way to jump into a trend without spending too much, and at that price.  If you only get a few years out of it so be it.  MB, if youre reading this should we order it for your mud room?

link:  home-decor.hsn.com/nate-berkus-dhurrie-rug


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