The PERFECT House…

March 15, 2012

…isn’t so perfect.  It is actually so imperfect that one need not worry about what hand towels look right with the back-splash, the counter tops are not stripped bare with the exception of the trophy toaster – although it’s still there – in fact the only extravagance is the Aga stove… and it’s perfect.  This really is the look and feel I find comfort in.  Easy euro-chic styling in a white kitchen with open shelves.  Sometimes being really honest with yourself (or your decorator) can really pay off, by picking things that you find comfort with or just plain love vs what you’ve been told you should have.     

For me, I react to this warm neutral palette, and I don’t miss patterns or strong colors at all.  In fact I find these rooms restful and relaxing because they are so neutral, but I think they are far from boring.  there are plenty of textures, variations on shade and tone in the existing colors and wonderful forms in the furniture, architecture and accessories.  Follow your heart, not the trends and you’ll always love the space you call home.  Have a happy Thursday everyone!


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