A Room With A View

March 13, 2012

Take a cue from these pretty dining rooms, I like a nice window treatment but sometimes the best look is naked!  Every house has them but so often the windows either go unnoticed or they are “dressed” beyond seeing out of them.  That’s right dare to leave you windows bare.  If you have privacy issues or need sun protection a micro thin Duette blind from Hunter Douglas will last years and it folds up to almost nothing, mounted inside your window trim it disappears almost completely.  Here are a few tricks to making sure your naked windows look good.

1. A fresh paint job and clean glass is paramount!  Got ugly storm windows or dirty glass? figure it out or you will only call attention to the flaws of your windows if you leave them bare.

2. Your room needs to be very spare – minimal furnishings and clean surfaces – the vibe of the plain window must translate into the room OR the room has to be interesting enough and have plenty of detail that the naked window is a relief, like the first image will the strong wallpaper.

3. Pick the right room when you leave out the curtains… most of the time bathrooms, sun-rooms and kitchens really don’t need decorative treatments.


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