March 12, 2012

It’s everywhere!  It is the year of tangerine, and every other version of orange.  I was in NYC with my sister not too long ago as you know and we saw a lot of orange… jeans, striped sailor tops, accessories galore, nail polish and yes housewares.  Now it’s everywhere.  Open any shelter magazine and there it is.  I saw a 5 page flyer from Target the other day, all orange!  So you know it’s hit the mainstream, and hard.

Orange is a warm happy color.  It’s friendly with turquoise ( they are opposites and you know that opposites attract thanks to Paula Abdul) Pure orange lies halfway between yellow and red on the color wheel. It is a color filled with warmth and energy. Related family colors include apricot, salmon, rust and brown.  Don’t own any? Go out and get some!  got some? Pull it out right now!  Spring is here, time to lighten up and brighten up.


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