White Kitchens & Subway Tile

March 11, 2012

Does it seem odd that the subway tile doesn’t seem to losing any steam when it comes to its popularity?  Originally created for Subway walls around 1904, this humble ceramic rectangle has become synonymous with stylish kitchens and bathrooms. Subway tiles crept up from the underground tubes and platforms in the 1920’s – perhaps earlier – and found their way into thousands of Edwardian, Craftsmen and Bungalow style homes.  Decorators, builders and homeowners alike are all still cookoo for the a 3×6 inch tile in a brick laid pattern.  Grout, no grout, pillowed or flat, crazed or pure white, beveled, you name it, people can’t get enough of them.

My educated guess is that not only is there nostalgia associated with subway tiles there is also a utilitarian/urban vibe that speaks to the clean simple straight forward aesthetic todays homeowner wants.  I like the texture that the grout line pattern gives a space with adding an element (fish, shells, grapes, leaves) that might not be something you want – or a buyer might not want – permanently “built-in” to a kitchen or bath.

wait… there’s more…


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