I’m (almost) Ready For Summer

March 7, 2012

Still have to lose the 5 – ok 10 – extra pounds I got for Christmas this year but I know what I want on my feet, my wrist and around my neck this summer.  The crisp shades of this Alexander Olch bow tie will give my business outfits a dapper yet modern feel. I think I’ll wear this handmade self-tying accessory with a Thomas Mason white button-down shirt from J. Crew and maybe a lightweight cashmere cardigan…  Cuffed jeans will keep the attitude casual.

I love this light brown loafer for the hot summer months, My tan ankles – and calves, cause you know I’ll rock them with shorts – will look great in these Gucci classics.  These shoes go with everything… Jeans, slim legged khakis and chambray shorts.  Hmm, they will work with a navy blue suit too and white jeans and a blue blazer and… well you get the idea.

You don’t have to rock the Rolie to be cool this summer, just switch out your metal or leather strap for a bright nylon strap.  A slick bold face certainly doesn’t hurt the look, but a vintage watch, or standard face will do.  Go bold by strapping on solid or stripped nylon wrist strap and slip into summer already cool.


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