March 2, 2012

I think you all know how much I love and respect the visual merchandising at Anthropologie.  The windows and interior displays never disappoint me, thoughtful, creative, beautiful.  The store in the Chelsea Market has exceptional details and fishes just look at the stair case. Wooden steps have a runner of travertine like a carpet would lay only stone, mixed tiles patchwork across assent walls and the glass and wood details are a good contrast to the tile and stone.

Color abounds in the store, these string wrapped coils are vases, pencil holders, planters, waste baskets, and they look good just being out on display.  The colors are intense but sun-bleached just enough to give them an earthy vibe.  Aqua, orange and berry-tones are coming up as strong trend colors for summer!

And save a little room for the unusual.  This candelabra is about $700 and it will most definitely be the topic of conversation at all your dinner parties, unless you prefer this wacky and whimsical pile up on your piano.  I’d suggest keeping the candles white on this piece so that the forms can really be on display.


One Response to “Anthropologie”

  1. Claudia Says:

    I would have preferred the candelabra be a sculpture. The candle bases sticking out of the animals’ heads look dumb.

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