Something Cool – Veronica Klaus

March 1, 2012

Vintage flair and colorful layering would describe this chic apartment, it also happens to describe my friend Veronica Klaus who created this colorful and chic space (the photo was taken by Marcia from When I saw this image I was immediately smitten… It could be a Elle Decor cover!  I love the repurposed books and salvaged chair – with beautiful needlework – and the bright vintage rug.  And yeah everybody loves a little animal print and this zebra, paired with the florals is spot on.

I’ve been smitten with Veronica and her singing voice for many (many) years and it just so happens that she is gearing up to record her next album, Something Cool and she could use some help actually… CDs are expensive and she’s started a kickstart campaign to help get it made.  I understand “Something Cool” will try to capture many of her live performance “greatest hits” so it will no doubt be great.  Check out this link for more information on Veronica and help support her next musical effort.

V… I’m thinking zebra and floral mix might make album art?!


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