February 29, 2012

There are many beautiful parks in New York City.  Madison Square Park is a favorite, there’s the very famous Central Park, and  Gramercy, Union Square and Washington Square Park.  The High Line is a new park on the elevated railroad tracks and there’s even Battery Park, with the best views of the Statue of Liberty in all of NYC.  But the park I like to be in on a Sunday morning  serves you warm banana bread as peruse the menu and the ambiance is perfect for a lazy sunday morning.

The bar and lounge are a funky mix of hand glazed brick walls and a fire-place surrounded but seating made from tree stumps and roots.  Tall beamed ceilings are pierced by skylights and bamboo reaches for the sun in the middle of the dining room.  Over-scaled round lanterns hang over booths and large windows look out over 10th Street and the atrium where there is additional seating.  The mature trees that grow out of the brick floor in the atrium give the Park the perfect indoor/outdoor vibe great in the rain or on a beautiful sunny day.  My iPhone pictures don’t do it justice, but trust me the energy of this place is almost perfect – or waiter was a bit chilly. 

I loved the banana bread the kitchen sends out on the house!


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