February 25, 2012

…it’s been so long.  Didn’t expect to take a vacation for BILLblog while I was on vacation.  Seriously, I figured there would be time in the morning hours or just before bed.  But New York is the city that doesn’t sleep!  But here I am, just coming “up for air” after 5 great days in the city.  I have to lead with: If you haven’t been, GO! if you haven’t been in a while, GO BACK!  and if you’ve never lived there but always wanted to, WHAT are you waiting for?  Not only is it truly a 24/7 city, it has culture and the arts covered like no other city, you can’t want for more to do.  Everywhere you look there is a great, beautiful restaurant that doesn’t stop dinner service til 10:30… quite the difference from my quaint little town.  And the shopping is really over the top.  Trends are born in NYC, fashion thrives there, and I love it.  As you may know ABC Carpet and Home is a favorite of mine.  On Broadway around 19th ( it’s about half way between Madison Square Park and Union Square Park) ABC is known for amazing accessories, furniture, jewelry and yes… Rugs.  This trip I discovered that Madeline Weinrib is now making flat weave cotton rugs that are perfect for summer homes and because they are cotton, they are much more affordable than her wool rugs.  Available at ABC, they are first come first serve, and they are going fast.  And I know why, They are so good-looking and the colors are fresh and modern.


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