A Yummy Color Palette

February 24, 2012

It’s funny how a mood of a room can be so important to a room.  I wouldn’t necessarily like this type of room with French and Swedish influences but the tonality of this room makes it so fresh and modern.  I would prefer two deep fully upholstered sofas facing each other in this space with those sweet little chairs staying at the fireplace end of the room.  If there was room the arm-chair could sit in a far corner with its own reading light as a place to sit and read, at the ready to be pulled in when the room is at capacity.

I love this deep dark room too.  Maybe I’m a tad bit influenced by the Hickory Chair secretary against the far wall, a stand out against all this dark grey.  I’m all for a cozy and dark bedroom, as we spend so much time in these rooms at night.  Cocoon like, a dark room to me feels like a heavy blanket in the winter and a cool shady hideaway in the hot summer.  I wouldn’t paint my bedroom dark if the rest of the house/apartment lacked a good amount of light but if you have plenty to spare… go for it!

Getting on the train in a few hours!  hope you all won’t mind a NYC bloggy weekend.  Will definitely share my finds and highlights here.  Thanks as always for checking out my rants.


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