Bright Lights Big City

February 23, 2012

My good friend Peter Teague took this photo of New York from 7 World Trade Center.  What a beautiful image of the city that never sleeps!  The night tonight is clear and crisp, the stars are out after a bright sunny day today.  I’m heading down to New York this weekend  and look forward to slipping into that grove for a few days.  Who knows maybe I’ll get my hair cut and try on lots of shoes, and maybe I’ll go up to the museums and the park and stay up town for a show… and for sure I’ll be spending hours in ABC Carpet and Home.  Check back soon for NYC updates!

Yes please!  I think this is a promotional image for 1 Madison.  the newish apartment building that is having difficulty getting occupancy.  Don’t know if it’s financing or what but I will tell you the building is BEAUTIFUL.  Certainly a favorite in recent years – as is the Gehry building at 8 spruce – One Madison is a thin black needle of a building with glass boxes cantilevered off one side.   


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