I’m Working On It!

February 20, 2012

One of my best clients and I are in the throes of remodeling a summer-house with spectacular water views.   We have chosen a beautiful mix of fabrics with colors like fuchsias and turquoise.  The mix is beautiful, fun and playful, hot and cool, perfect for warm weather living.  With the majority of the furniture chosen, I’m looking at a few final details that will really take this project over the top.  In the main living/dining area we have tall ceilings that I think will really benefit from something dramatic like the Albert Orb – shown above – from Currey and Company.  It’s got just enough razzle dazzle but an organic quality too that really suits the house, the color palette and the playful easy beachy vibe we are going for.

Along the same idea I love these bowl-shaped pendants too.  The coral is a bit red for our palette but it’s a great light.  It’s the Malibu Pendant from Ro Sham Beaux.  I love the striking design that mixes natural elements and modern style.  Natural red coral is use with the natural hemp-wrapped frame to make this a truly unique fixture.  If it turns out 2 is better than one for my project then we could use the Malibu  Turquoise, smaller in scale than the Currey fixture, this bowl pendant also from Ro Sham Beaux is Bo-Ho chic and oh so cool.

Stay tuned and I’ll post a picture of the progress on this job.  we haven’t even started to drywall, but I think it will be fun for you to see the “before” before and the before (furniture) and after.  Does that make sense? … oh well hopefully you know what I mean.


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