For Sale – Deja vous!

February 14, 2012

A reader (thx SB) brought to my attention what had become of a house in Los Angeles that I had blogged about back in July here’s the link:

I can’t say I’m surprised, it really was a diamond in the rough.  But WOW.  Looks like they did it right and took special care to preserve the building’s history and style.  I personally love the Spanish influence, thick walls, tile floors, beamed ceilings and this house has that in spades plus the distinct narrow and tall great-room at the front of the house.

Now this is a room I would like to decorate.  No offence, but it doesn’t look like the furnishings were really all that thought out.  The rug is small, the chairs are mis-matched and the floor plan is really not celebrating the volume of the room.  I’d lighten it all up too with furniture covered in creams, tans and taupes.I like the kitchen, and I think I’m relieved that they didn’t build in a kitchen that looks like it belongs in a Spanish castle.  The color is interesting, the wall of subway tile is a good vintage nod and I love that they left a wall without upper cabinets.  But can I get a shelf? another window? something on that blank wall…

Click on the link below to see more pictures and information on the sale.  list price: $1,995,000.00


4 Responses to “For Sale – Deja vous!”

  1. Janice Says:

    Love this house. I actually gasped when I saw the first picture.
    But I agree with all your points.

  2. richard Crisman Says:


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