A Masculine Style

February 13, 2012

Straight lines, lack of pattern, and a tonal palette are elements that make these rooms “masculine” in their overall feeling or style.  Browns, tans, greys, creams and white make a warm and grounded color story because they are all colors found in nature, they are in fact “earthy”.  The use of wood, metal and cement reinforce a strong masculine vibe.  
Other choices that make these spaces more masculine than feminine are the use of leather and suede – they are heavy both visually and literally and minimal if any window treatments.  Now all this talk about masculinity does not mean a woman would not want a room like these or be comfortable in a space like this, but the elements are decidedily man-ish.
It is my personal opinion that interior design leans toward feminine styling more often than not.  I think the act of “nesting” creating pretty and/or caring about one’s environment has been traditionally a female trait and perhaps that is changing – and perhaps it’s simply sexist – but come on, women (speaking in generalizations of course) care more than guys.  Don’t they?  


One Response to “A Masculine Style”

  1. Love these gorgeous spaces — especially the wood-framed window wall. Thanks for posting.

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