February 9, 2012

While were on the subject… (of white, see previous post) I thought I’d post some beautiful rooms – other than kitchens – that use beautiful shades of  white to create spaces that allow their inhabitants to exhale, relax and turn down the stimulus of the day.  Beauty in simplicity.  If you’re not looking to completely unplug, check out the white flat screen TV, pretty cool huh?  It seems Sharp and Samsung both make one, but I digress.  Aside for the major amounts of glass and the very sexy staircase what stands out for me in this shot is the floors.  Pickled, white washed, limed, what ever you (or your decorator) call it, it’s back! and it’s back big time.  Dark floors are hard to maintain and busy houses that really get lived in are giving up the sexy look of dark floors to the fresh and bright shade of white.  Pre-finished floors in many species are available and a good hardwood floor person can create a custom stain for you from opaque white to natural with a hint of white or anything in between.

By the way… you can white wash a room without changing the color of your floors you know.  Look at this pretty space.  The massive center column makes a statement and so does the color palette.  Restrained and sophisticated, it’s much harder and requires more focus to achieve a room done in white.  Everything that is “other than white” becomes so important – critical – and it’s scale, texture, shade, tone and style are what is exposed and relevent to the space.  Theres no hiding behind bold colors, busy wallpaper and patterned rugs.  They got it right in this room.  Love the overscaled armoire and light fixture, they balance the column and the size of the room itself.  And, you gotta love the “dog leg” diningroom chairs, so whimsical and sculptural.


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