it’s the weekend…

February 4, 2012

…are you at your weekend home or are you on vacation in your head?

Maybe it’s a bit early for beach days, but a cozy weekend in a quiet place with big breakfasts, long walks and longer naps sure sounds good.  Off season weekend vacations are great because they usually make for a unplugged, totally relaxed no pressure experience.  When I think about “getting away” of course I think about not working,  albeit my work is far from the drudgery of a cubicle or coal mine… but I also think about not having to put on an outfit, staying wrapped in a blanket half the day and cooking/eating, maybe doing some creative project and not worrying about hosting, reservations, court times or the gym.  Being on vacation ( knowing several days more of vacation) allows me to I just click into that vacation mind-set we all crave.  Meaning not thinking about the next minute, hour or day.  Simply living in the moment.

Everything falls away on vacation, time slows and pressure is lifted.  There are fewer emails (hopefully) no to do lists, no mail (bills) no meetings and no schedule.  Maybe it’s because I’m in the industry but what else excites me is being in an environment that is far from perfect.  I create “perfect” spaces all day, rugs are the right size, pillows are fluffed and chopped, doo-dads are placed perfectly, and I tend to live like that (by choice) so it’s really nice  to spend time in a place that is simply comfortable, easy, charming… not so “perfect”.

Wishing you a weekend that feels like a vacation.  Stay in your jammies all day tomorrow!  Have waffles at 12 noon and take a long walk before you watch the game ( or draw, sew, paint, knit, make jewelry, build a model, tinker with your car or practice your putt ).


2 Responses to “it’s the weekend…”

  1. GeGe Says:

    Still in my jammies…love this. Weekends should be like mini-vacations. Enjoy your!

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