got WOOL?

January 30, 2012

A part two to yesterdays post, not only does ABC do housewares exceptionally well the furniture department is really off the hook!  you name it they’ve got it, sofas, arm chairs, occasional chairs, pendants, chandeliers, desks, diningroom chairs and yes… RUGS.  An entire floor plus the building across the street, ALL dedicated to rugs.  you guessed it, every type of rug you can imagine, Flokati, Oshak, Tibetan, Flat-Weaves and Durrie and many others.  A trend in rugs is over-dyed and patch-work rugs.  I saw them a the gift show and they have been popping up at the design center.  The over-dyed rugs are a fun way to inject bold color into a house that is  tradtional or transitional and because they have traditional patterning there is a connection to furnishings that lean that way.  Of course they look amazing with modern furniture too.

This antique patch-work was something I bought recently for a client at the Boston Design Center from the Schumacher showroom.  It’s perfect in her praire inspired home, a bit artsy a bit arts and crafts antique and modern at the same time, she loves it and it looks amazing in her dining room.  We paired it with a modern dining room table and chairs in a deep ebony finish.

These rugs are (for the most part) hand-knotted all wool rugs so they are not inexpensive but they will wear like a good quality wool rug should and give years and years of service. Of course the antique patch-work rugs are probably salvaged from damaged rugs but they are still antique and the labor to sew them together takes time and skill.  I love the look.


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