I have a confession to make…

January 21, 2012

I talk a good game Modern this Rustic that, white, white white… the truth is most of my work and my own home fall into a  category (see above and below) I think I’ll call eclectic chic.  It’s traditional at its core, but there is a layered up vibe that is both bohemian and “decoratorish”.  It’s not necessarily my favorite look but it’s my comfort zone and allows me to not have to edit as much as I should.  THIS IS BIG people!  I’m introducing you to the man behind the curtain… the great OZ.  If I had multiple homes one would be a spare modern box and one would be rustic funky and one would be traditional/transitional, but I don’t.  I have one home and it’s a layered up funky mix like the images in this post.  AND, I’m comfortable in it.  I love my stuff and I’d rather be surrounded by the things I love – yes I LOVE THINGS, I know that’s bad… but I do – that to be so critical about what I allow into my home.  Truth is I’m editing all day for clients, why would I want to edit when I get home.  More is more people, and it can become overwhelming, you stop seeing things because there is too much to look at, but if you love it… find a place for it, cherish it and the memories that might be attached to it and do what feels right to you in your home.  That is what really makes a house a home.  XO

p.s. the bottom 3 images are my house.


3 Responses to “I have a confession to make…”

  1. Ginger Cappuccio Says:

    Your Home and THINGS are WONDERFUL!!

  2. bill barr Says:

    Coming from you thats a major compliment! Thx for being such a fan. xoxo

  3. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés Says:

    You know Mr. Barr, I rarely leave comments at site, but wanted to say to you because I was so taken by your pix and your words here on this post: some of us have ‘museum genetics’… likely long long ago we ran the Silk Road trade routes or sailed full galleons filled with saffron and antiquities from one bay to another. I’d call your love of beautiful forms ‘museum modern’ or ‘ancient tradewinds memory.’

    I just discovered your blog tonight as i was searching for the maker of white tall backed dining room chairs with wonderful wavery legs (am I out of it, why cant people who do lovely picture spreads do as we authors so painstakingly do, you know ‘footnote’ each item… in this case, where one might buy wavery legged chairs? lol.) And I saw immediately that you so definitely have both *the eye* and *the touch.* I dont unfortunately, instead have black thumb, black eye and black touch.lol But I know those gifts when I see them. I am pitifully still trying to figure out what color goes with a weird color of dark and mid orange I seem to have attracted in many pieces of used furniture over the decades. lol.

    Too, your place looks lovely, and you are right en puente with your choices. You like to be embraced by your home, I can see. Beautiful intention to carry Mr. Barr. Just beautiful to teach it to others too.

    With kindest regards,

    dr. clarissa pinkola estés, psychoanalyst, post trauma specialist, author of Women Who Run With the Wolves, Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype, pub’d in 30 languages.

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