Wall of Art

January 19, 2012

This is a great look!  Wall shelves peaked in popularity sometime ago but this collection is so well suited for this layered up look.  What a great way to show off a strong grouping of black and whites.  It’s like having a bookcase on a wall where you don’t really have the room.  LOVE!

Hang it low!  Go behind the lamp and right down to the nightstand, or side table,or…  Break all the “rules” when your hanging a grouping, vary the spacing and make it static not stagnant.  If the sizes of your pieces are all over the place, don’t try and create too much “order” when hanging, keep it organic for better results.

Short on art?  Go long on style by hanging a grouping of mirrors.  The reflected light will add sparkle to any room, especially a dining room filled with flickering candles.  Inexpensive frames purchased from craft stores can be easily retrofitted with inexpensive mirror (weekend warrior’s could tackle this on their own with a glass cutting tool).

Create harmony! and balance by complimenting busy groupings with singular statement pieces on other walls. Message: Go crazy but don’t go crazy on every wall.  The grouping really works best when you employ it once, one room, one wall… capeche?!


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