January 18, 2012

Yes, its cliché… I know, but I love pillows. A decorator that loves pillows, it’s not really a stretch. I mean really… you can create a mood, or change a look with just a few pillows.  Take a risk on a strong color, mix patterns together you might not expect together or transform ho-hum into TA-DUM! with a pillow or two – or 20.  For the record, I’m not talking about ruffled edge, braid, tape and trim laden pillows… I’m more the knife-edge, self welt type of guy.  I don’t go for all those bells and whistles,  a bunch of pillows is enough already do they (you) really need frosting on top of frosting?

I’m writing a part II to my pillow blog because I received a pair of pillows last night as a gift from friends who obviously know me.  Not only did they give me pillows, they gave me pillows that seem to look good in every room of my house!  Who would have thought pillows would be so flexible?  And would you believe they are Johnthan Adler?  The man who can’t get enough color, does neutrals!  And I love them!  and YAY new pillows.


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