Masculine & Moody

January 17, 2012

I’ve been giving some advice to friends who just bought a new place out in San Francisco.  They have great taste, but it’s always good to bounce ideas off of someone else, you can get a perspective on things you might not have come up with on your own.  So we have been enjoying shopping virtually and I have to admit to being influenced by them as of late.  The look will end up a bit more minimal and a bit more luxe than these shots, but the vibe is there… stylish and well designed but casual enough to not be afraid to simply walk in and put your feet up.  For me it’s the dark wood, and black (leather?) combo.  They might not get to black leather in San Francisco but the masculine and moody vibe will definitely come through, even with white walls and pale linen sofas.  Part of the mix too is the clean, mid-century, walnut toned wood thing that all of these images has.  It’s a strong look.  A masculine look.  Maybe a bit a “Single Man” (the movie) aesthetic.

Now that’s to say this project will look like the pictures above (or below) but instead, the look will borrow elements and with the architecture of the building, some previously owned pieces and with some artistic interpretation a stylish new home will be born.  the message: Borrow ideas, harvest themes and interpret them into your own look and style.  Buy only things you really love and you’ll seldom regret them.  Things have a way of working out – even when the coffee table is a little small, room for an ottoman? – trust and enjoy the process, it will show in the end, I promise.


4 Responses to “Masculine & Moody”

  1. richard Crisman Says:

    LOVE IT ALL!!!!!

  2. Joshua SMITH Says:

    The living room is beautiful! Just looking at the photo makes me want to go do something important!

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