January 16, 2012

At times I wonder if BillBlog should go through a name change / update, you know a new look for the new year and all that… But then what would that look like?  Do I admit that White Kitchens and Rustic Modern are my go to design favorites and build and focus on that?  Where’s the fun of not being able to post a bathing suit post just because it doesn’t fit the theme?  I could do a separate blog all together of just White Kitchens or Modern Rustic, would that just divide my readership or increase it?  I have always felt the old saying “paralysis by analysis” is true and it seems that by worrying about what to morph my blog into or how or why to refocus or add a new, things will just stay the same here, some modern, some traditional, bathing suits, lights, shoes, cars, paint, furniture, wallpaper, dogs and anything else that catches my eye.

Like CAMP style.  Now, to me… that doesn’t have to mean Adirondack.  Split birch logs and twig details on every door and wall.  To me it simply means camping, but in something more livable than a tent (or perhaps a really really nice tent, see above) and certainly something worthy of decoration, because it’s all about decoration.   I love a heavy wool blanket, some antlers (naturally shed of course) painted and peeling furniture and plenty of mix-matched pillows for a soft spot for napping.  For that rustic look in an instant, you can go to the now very popular – that’s code for trendy, which isn’t always a good thing – horizontal rustic boards.  I still love the look, but I’m glad I don’t have any my house… that look is so 1211.  lol.  All kidding aside rustic wood paneling of anytime is a great look for a CAMP style room cabin or home.

And for those of you who live in a place where rustic board paneling and tents are out of the question, I give you…


Yep, it the cheapest and easiest way to get a little CAMP style into your abode.  And, would you believe that I found not one but two versions of the log pillow?  Thats right, if the realistic log pillow above isn’t quite your look, how about this felted artistic one…

Pretty sure these came from… elf not included.


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