Dream House

January 12, 2012

Maybe I’ve been on the East Coast to long, and maybe I’ve just been on the East Coast long enough – Enough to know they don’t get much sweeter than this little gem. Love the old stone curbing and the white-painted fence. A good start! With a formal hedge providing some privacy to the front of the house. The gate would keep the dogs in and let visitors know right where the entrance is to the old clapboard house’s yard. I love the multi-paned, double hung windows and the dormer windows too. The house is just big enough to entertain in I think and you could squeeze in the occasional guest,just long enough, but no more… and that’s a good thing.

This is the look for my room, bright light and tonal. Pretty drapes on simple iron rods, doors that open onto a lush private patio and pile on the down comforters! Sea grass on top of wide plank wood floorswould feel and look good and I’d keep the art black and white to maintain a quiet vibe in the space. The trim and walls being painted the same color reduces the amount of visual commotion.

And while I may need a few more places for friends to sit I liked to over-all aesthetic of this back yard hideout. A good place for an after dinner _________ (fill in your vice of choice), I like the overall palette remaining consistent with the furnishings found inside the house. Now if this were the pool cabana, that would be even sweeter.


3 Responses to “Dream House”

  1. Claudia Says:

    …and maybe a tiny apartment over the detached garage to the right? Pretty darned perfect! I’ll take one too, please.

  2. Alyssa Says:

    I grew up on the south shore in MA and homes like that have always been my favorite. I love a little cape more than anything. Don’t find too many of those in the midwest!

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