I’m NOT a stalker…

January 8, 2012

…But I was in the airport the other day and this fashionable young man’s clothing happened to catch my eye.  I really liked his overall style and thought he was dressed in a very current “look” …It’s what I call Shrunken Preppy or Shrunken Lumberjack.  It is sort of a throw back to a “village” look and it’s definitely that New York guy thing especially with the hair cut du jour… short cut sides and a longer top.  Get the look with a fitted plaid shirt (this one by Wallace and Barnes) just a little bit too small, untucked of course, and add -most importantly DARK denim – yes it still reins supreme, you’ll see the trend towards lighter for spring/summer, with… Wait for it… Work boots!  Yes guys they are trendy in a big way.  White rubber sloes are preferred but any light sole or heavy work boot will take you from construction site to cocktails if you live in NYC, Boston, SF or any other urban area where men care about fashion.  Red Wing boots are a very popular brand right now, I’m pretty sure this young man was wearing Head to Toe J.Crew, boots and shirt available there, jeans-Levis, always acceptable especially if they are selvage edge dark rinse jeans with a cuffed hem.  

If you just cant do the work boot look, get some Chukka Boots, dessert boots or a low rubber soled boot. They too are trending big time for guys.  I have been lusting after a pair from Mr. Porter and was lucky enough to receive them as a gift for very special clients in San Francisco.  I love my Mark McNairy boots, thank you!  Planning on wearing these boots through the winter and spring and right into early summer with khakis, or maybe even shorts!  Check them out here: billbarr.wordpress.com-the-list-marc-mcnairy  or here: www.mrporter.com-304072

And… if you really care about the now watch, belt, shoe or bag, here is the bag for Spring…

Want one?  Get them while they last at J.Crew… limited edition so you’d better click over now!  Put an extra one in your shopping cart for me why don’tcha?


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