Black Houses

January 6, 2012

So I’m not going to lie.  I was looking to see what links had referred readers to my blog yesterday – because I’m courious how  so many people know about it and how people find it – and saw Pinterest had sent a few readers my way so I clicked over to see a blog friend – Uncle Beefy – had pinned a image I had used in a blog.  From that, people were clicking over to see my blog… Thanks Beefy!  Once there ( you can imagine how design drunk I quicky became.  Well, I have finally pulled myself away from Pinterest and here is just a tid-bit of what I saw there, one subject of many…

Black houses, every where I looked!  It’s definately a trend folks.  More and more Modern homeowners are going black, and look how good it looks.  It suits a traditional structure, sure, but it will take it to a modern aesthetic for sure.  This first structure is like a mini highrise.  I think the vertical trunks of the dark trees and the white of the snow make the perfect setting for this glass and black banded tower.  I am a bit surprised how much I like this one.  Here is a link to more images and the original post.

This home A-frame home was attributed to the website via Pinterest and here is an example of how dramatic a paint job – black that is – can be.  The A frame is a classic mid-century form and the monolithic black seems to really suit the form.

Go ahead and giggle that I included a chicken coop in this blog post and then closely at the attention to detail and the good design of this mini house for egg laying companions.  It’s really very pretty.  I have wanted chickens for sometime, this of course makes me want them even more!  The original post was found here there your find more images, of the coop and the builder/blogger/writers beautiful birds.

I didn’t notice the secondary theme in these  images until I had them all on one page… they all have white interiors!  that is because it’s modern, it looks great with black supporting the highest contrast possible.  This last one is quite simple but I love the oversized window, it’s whimsical and fun.  Now go paint your house black!


2 Responses to “Black Houses”

  1. Ginger Cappuccio Says:

    Hi Bill! Just passed a BLACK house here in Santa Fe this morning. Still enjoying your finds for me many years ago in San Mateo, Ca. I knew you had style even in those days! Following your work….Ginger, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    • bill barr Says:

      Hello there! Big smile on my face when I got your comment. How are you? hope everyone is doing well. We had some great times and I think you were a big influence on me. So flattered you’d care to read my silly rants. I would love to stay intouch, was just back for a San Mateo Christmas this year… not much has changed there. All the best to you. xoxo …oh and Hi to the girls!

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