Rich, Brilliant, Willing.

January 4, 2012

Deja vu.  I posted about these guys back on January 16th 2010… almost a year ago, and they have grabbed my attention again!  Check out the old post here: sexy side table and its matching coffee table are the perfect foils for a spare colorless room.  I love the slick modern shapes and the metropolitan detailing.  The leather that is fitted between the panels and what the glass top sits on is a bit rough and unfinished giving these otherwise  tables an edge or urban toughness.  I would mix these with oversized linen sofas and grasscloth walls, but keep everything off-white… perfect for a highrise  apartment, serious but playful.

Rich Brilliant Willing is an internationally renowned design studio based in Manhattan. Considered one of the most exciting studios currently working in the United States, RBW consults for an international clientele including SCP, Artecnica, Core77, Urban Outfitters and more as well as producing a self-branded collection of furniture and lighting.

Designing at various scales from trophies to chairs to lobbies, their methodology is evident in all their work. With a combination of technical sophistication and old-fashioned sleight of hand, they appropriate existing elements and ready-made components, strategically rethinking them. The moniker Rich Brilliant Willing is exemplary of this process; re-imagining what was there to begin with: Theo Richardson, Charles Brill, Alexander Williams.

for more info on these and other projects from Rich, Brilliant,Willing check out their webpage:


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