White Bathrooms

January 3, 2012

You know I love a White Kitchen, and I have to say I’m good with a white bathroom too, however… I think the white of a bathroom like this makes the stone pop and the real eye-catcher in this room is the brilliant floor.   it’s all about contrast, Light and dark.  The white in this space recedes and the grays come forward allowing the star of this show (the floor) to shine.  love this bathroom.  Not so in love with your stone, tile or what have you?  Find a shade – and tone – that is a match or in the same family and the room will settle into a restful place where the stone is balanced by the depth of color on the walls, neutralizing the movement in the stone or pattern on the tile.  Does ugly tile disappear when you match the background color of it? No, but something ( towels, a piece of furniture, a floor mirror with a strong frame) with strength will help make it not the elephant in the room – or the other elephant in the room. You will notice when you look at this image how the garden stool and it’s strength, along with the other do-dads pull the eye.  So much so that you barely notice the ugly sheer on the window… what were they thinking? lol.

Colors I would consider are:

Cornfourth White #228 from Farrow & Ball… In memory of John Cornforth, architectural historian and author of the landmark publication ‘English Decoration in the 18th Century’. Warm with White & Light Tones Undercoat.

Sarah Richardson’s Jetstream SR18.  A cool grey if you live in Canada… sorry but Sarah’s paint are so far only available in Canada.

Sherman-Williams SW7667 Zircon.  Color Collection: Concepts in Color, Color Family: Cool Neutrals. RGB Value: R-202 | G-201 | B-199.  Hexadecimal Value #CAC9C7 (whatever that means).


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