December 30, 2011

Rustic modern is the perfect balance between urban sleek and rural casual.  Modern is sometimes just too cold and soulless and the unplanned eclectic nature and of  most rustic interiors can cause make some people uncomfortable.  Not everyone wants to live with peeling paint, mix-matched furniture, warped floors and/or little or no “design” but add an Eames chair, or clean-up a rustic setting and add a dash of clean sleek design and the result is thoughtful and casual interiors that still have a twist.  The reverse of this theory – add a dash of rustic to a modern space – works too.  A weathered side-table or antique chair adds instant soul to an all modern space.  there is history in pieces that are old or well-loved, a sense of time that gives authenticity to a space filled with “shiny and new”. For more on this subject, search rustic modern under my Top Clicks.


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