Natural Fabrics

December 29, 2011

Sorry everyone… Vacation and spotty WiFi have made blogging over the last few days difficult, and yes I’ve been distracted by good friends, good food – Bistro Aix & Cafe Des Amis, both in SF – and good weather – in SF and Tahoe.  If you hadn’t noticed I’ve given up on the countdown.  Hope you the blogs, back to “normal” ( whatever that is ) after the first.

My advice regarding fabrics ( and floor coverings for that matter ) is buy natural! Cotton, linen, silk and wool are really the best choices when it comes to beauty and durability. They clean better, age better, are better for the environment and are much nicer to the touch. Your choices might be limited when it comes to some projects, of you have to go with a blend so be it – truthfully a cotton blend will hold color better than a pure cotton, so if you like bold or dark colors, I’ll let you choose a blend… But do yourself and the environment a favor and go natural.


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