Small Houses & Cabins

December 28, 2011


Just the other day I started collecting images of small houses and tiny cabins from my new favorite blog site – – it is a seemingly endless resource for all small rural abodes. Seriously, I have a dozen or more images on my desktop on my laptop waiting to be used in a blog, but alas… Still without WiFi here at my families cabin, I will have to use a few of my own SnapShots. Not really all that terrible a situation, I’m curled up cozy in front of a fire. There are friends here with me and it’s just after New Years. It’s a wonderful place to be and I’m hoping my pictures aren’t so terrible either.

I understand the need to build homes bigger than 800 or 1000 square feet, but if you find yourself lucky enough to be building a home please consider your carbon foot print by considering your homes footprint and keep it to a size that suits your needs, and maybe and occasional friends needs… but not 10 extended family members, their friends and their nannies and a dance band (just in case). Message: don’t get greedy, build what you need, or even better refurbish an existing structure.



One Response to “Small Houses & Cabins”

  1. Carol Says:

    I have GOT to build one of these in South Dartmouth.
    Here’s a great tiny house site, one of my favorite blogs:

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