Neutral &Tonal

December 27, 2011

Being a busy decorator means giving people what they want, with an edit of course.  Some people want color and lots of it.  I can do that, and make it work for myself and for the customer but I prefer doing tonal and neutral rooms.  There is for me a refined elegance to a beige/grey/taupe/tan palette that is never out of style, adapts to trends well and is so easy to live with.  If you’re lucky enough to own “good” art it shows off a collection well and it also allows for dark accents to become sculptural elements like the chairs and light fixture in the photo above. (I’m so crushing on this eat in kitchen area right now!)  In a neutral room, walls, upholstery and finishes are all close in shade, tone can vary but not to the point of becoming too mismatched.  For me a light or dark floor offers just enough contrast to this type of decorating, but I’m ok with a neutral floor if there is enough visual interest within the room.  Texture, form and scale become even more important when designing a neutral space, so choose carefully!  And, typically the fewer finishes the better!  Meaning: You don’t need to pick 8 different fabrics to get this look right, you can use the same wood tone on everything, countertop and backsplash can be the same material, etc.  Keep it simple!


One Response to “Neutral &Tonal”

  1. richard Crisman Says:

    love this idea for our new place 😉

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