Take A Walk On The Wild Side

December 23, 2011


It’s always been hot, but cruelty free animal prints are gaining momentum in the design world. Perhaps fueled by the trend in women’s handbags – animal print is everywhere – an old stand by is being given new life these days in homes all over the world. Some of the late great designers like Tony Duquette used leopard and zebra with wold abandon. This classic embellishment is popping up in sleek modern homes as the only pop and looks equally good in homes layered in textures, patterns and colors.

This shot is a clients back hall… The house is largely tonal, with strong dark accents. I love the playful and whimsical edge the runner provides. I also like that is in a back hall, a place you move through, vs a place you spend a lot of time. I think a room of this particular print might be too much after too long. A softer color way would be a better choice for living room, dining room or den. This patterns deep color works here because it opens on to a dining space where we have an espresso brown parsons dining table. The two pieces “speak to each other” and balance the larger swaths of tonality.

20111223-180407.jpg Wrote the above and then quickly flipped through the new Architectural Digest and found these two images in literally 5 seconds. I’m telling you this trend is more like a “Must Have”. Zebra, chinchilla, python, leopard… It doesn’t matter, just pick one and get it in to your home. Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to have people over and have them realize you don’t have an animal accent? ; )


Ugh, sorry pics are so blurry.


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