LOVE… this color palette!

December 18, 2011

It’s funny to me that I stumbled across this on the web somewhere and I had the images below on my iPhone, taken recently at the Schumacher showroom in Boston.  Whats so funny? Well I seem to have been drawn to this colorful and vivid palette as of late.  Not typically “my look” I can be seduced by rich strong color when it comes in a palette like this.  I was actually up in Boston looking for a green on white floral for a clients new project in Marion, MA – and I found some great one’s at Schumacher – but these prints caught my eye and I just couldn’t leave with taking SNAPshots of them and documenting the pattern numbers.  I might show these to my client just to see if she loves them as much as I do… or maybe she’s seeing them right now on Billblog :  )  Wouldn’t they make the most amazing beach house?


2 Responses to “LOVE… this color palette!”

  1. sami Says:

    yay!! so nice to meet you in person, bill!


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