Lights Out, White Out!

December 14, 2011

White floors, white walls, white furniture, white bedding = Perfection.  When can I move in? or at least stay awhile.  This is a look I never get tired of.  And in a bedroom, dreamy.  Who wouldn’t want to wake up in this room and sip hot coffee ( from a white mug of course) and blog on their white Mac Book?  I know I do.  Have a few kids that need a place to crash?  no problem…

Turn an unused corner of your home into a guest room with some smart built-in bunks like these.  No they don’t afford a lot of privacy but if you’re short on space and long on guests, this would certainly do.  White curtains that pull across the openings would be charming and afford a tiny bit more privacy.  love the painted vertical boards on the back wall.

Here are those curtains I was talking about.  I’m looking around my house to see where I could add a day bed or guest bed with curtains like these – secretly knowing it would become my nap spot.  I know this image isn’t all white but it was too cozy to pass up. And so was this one…

Another dreamy bedroom… Void of pattern and tonal a room is restful and relaxing.  Textures in the wicker and mohair throw become the visual interest in this room.  It’s a pretty look without being to feminine or overtly pretty.  Sort of makes me want to do my bedroom over.


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