Dark & Sexy

December 11, 2011

There is something very attractive about a dark house or room.  A mysterious and sexy vibe is unavoidable and a masculine edge feels strong and bold.  Funny thing is this “look” translates from antique colonial house to urban bedroom to traditional kitchen.  I love the boldness of color on the front door on the house in the picture above, it is the perfect balance to the deep dark grey of the clapboard (the snow in the foreground is the perfect color to compliment this color palette).


In the bedroom, dark is most definitely sexy.  Regardless of what is going on out side (temps in the 30’s or the 90’s) a dark room is always appropriate.  A dark color will feel cool and shady in the summer and in the cooler months dark walls embrace you like a cashmere blanket… and who doesn’t like one of those?

Afraid of the dark?  Don’t be.  Dark walls create the feeling of space believe it or not.  Small rooms do quite well with dark colors because darker colors blur where the room really ends.  It’s almost like painting away the walls when you go dark, remember dark recedes, light comes forward (that’s why most trim work is painted lighter than the wall color its next to).  Plus, dark colors read luxurious and rich, so go dark and add instant glamor to your space.

And, last but not least… you know I’m a big fan of white kitchens – White Kitchen blog coming soon! – but look how good a dark kitchen can look.  Sometimes you want a kitchen to disappear and the choice to paint everything white isn’t appropriate.  Well a dark kitchen will slip into the background and feel den or library-esque, you could even play that up by highlighting your collection of cookbooks.  Your kitchen will thank you if you add the sparkle of some stainless steel or brass accents, either would play nicely off the dark walls and cabinets.

…oh, and just a warning.  You know what they say, once you go dark it becomes more than just a lark!



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