Get To Know – Matthew Zink

December 2, 2011

This one’s for the girls – mostly.  Hot both literally and figuratively Matthew Zink is certainly easy on the eyes.  And, his fashion line Charlie is red-hot…
“Even though days are getting colder and darker in the northern hemisphere, our lifestyle at The Style Examiner is timelessly cosmopolitan: despite our busy news desks with numerous emails and telephones ringing constantly, we always dream of holiday plans and seek solace and inspiration in travelling to exotic destinations. As we looked into the bestswimwear to pack for a holiday in the sun we came across the label Charlie by Matthew Zink and got immediately seduced by its vibrant colours, simple geometric patterns and tailoring, and connotations of glamour and hedonism associated with the 1970s.”   – The Style Examiner 
Matthew Zink is most definitely influenced by the 1970s,Cher, and Tom Ford.  He studied Fashion Design at the Shanon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design and Merchandising at Kent State University, in Ohio.  After graduating he moved to New York and lucky enough to work with including Carolina Herrera, Tom Ford, and Stefano Pilati.  All of whom influenced him and you see that in his work. He was the Design Director for Victoria’s Secret Swimwear for five years.
 The name of this up and coming luxury brand is Charlie chosen for its undeniable 1970s connotation that is both familiar and extremely alluring.  It’s a name that captures all the classic, charming, handsome, timeless, and iconic characteristics for the brand.
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  1. Matthew Zink Says:

    Thank you for such a kind post!!

    Matthew zink

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