Signature Sent

December 1, 2011

Friends were sweet enough to think about bringing along scented candles for the second leg of our journey (to Thailand if you’re just tuning in) and I love knowing that this scent from Diptyque will always remind me of Thailand.  The Baies fragrance is nothing new, it’s been around forever in fact, but now it has been ingrained in my sensory memory forever as the scent of Thailand… and I love that.

“United by a passion for creativity and design, three artisans became friends and partners. They open a shop at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain to showcase their avant-garde fabric designs and decorative items from their travels.  The trio offers colored candles to match their fabrics, adding perfumed wax. Customers fall in love with the inimitable fragrances. Word travels. Cachet grows.  In 1963, they introduce the first diptyque scented candle. In 1968, the first line of diptyque fragrances is launched. Today, the three Parisian artists are world-renown purveyors of fragrance and scented candles.”


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