Hong Kong

November 25, 2011

Who knew there was another city that never sleeps? And, no.  I’m not referencing my internal time-clock that is quite angry with me for traveling half way around – or over as it were – the world.  Last night was or first night in this big crazy city.  I was surprised at how multicultural it actually is.  Young people everywhere, from every walk of life pouring out of the bars and clubs that apparently stay open all night long are fashionable and hip, and they all seem to speak english.  After several drinks with friends from the states and here, we walked to a private supper club for dinner.

The food was amazing, and I was so glad to not have to navigate a menu.  Everything was hand-picked by our host and we ate like royalty.  Whole fried sweet and sour fish, dumplings, cabbage, and far too many others to mention.  After dinner we had a night-cap before taking our friends back to their hotel. I don’t know why I didn’t expect so many hills, so many young people and the old and new to be so intertwined, but there it is.  My first impression of Hong Kong…  Young, diverse and very cool.
P.S. Sorry about the stock images… many good ones from dinner but still having a few minor issues with iphone, roaming, wifi and the like.  Will update when I get all that corrected.
P.P.S. If I decide to post daily about Hong Kong I will intersperse with other things to keep for being too self-indulgent… or check back after the 4th, and I’ll be back to the usual fodder.  Thanks for reading.  BB

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