Grey is the New Black

November 24, 2011

HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  Ok, so this is a mobile post from the Boston airport… I’m on my way to Hong Kong and Thailand! Posts maybe hit or miss for the next two weeks ( and spell check will not be watching my back ) but I’m going to try and keep this going while I’m away. The WordPress App for the iPhone is good, but it ain’t great so cross your fingers for me.

I was checking out the latest and greatest shelter magazines a few days ago and it hit me, grey is the new black. Just look! A grey colorless spread in each of the magazines that came out this month. I will admit that my work has been influenced by this trend towards greys and taupes. They are the perfect compliment to popular purples and lavenders and suit yellows and orange. A refreshing change from greys warm cousin beige, grey seems to be making a comeback!

Here is a snapshot of a clients home in Florida of a taupey grey sisal from Merida. The walls are a soft yellow, we used mostly taupe and grey upholstery fabrics with small pops of lavender in this living room… It’s looking great, but we’re not done yet. Strong accents in white and burnished gold will add needed “umph” to this pretty room.


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