White Kitchens

November 21, 2011

How can you not love the all white alcove kitchen?  When a countertop just appears out of a wall of cabinets and the only thing that really identifies the space a kitchen is the faucet… well lets just say you had me at all white.  Love this space.  I don’t even mind the exposed track lights than in my book are usually a no-no.  The simple honesty of them ( and yes, they are practical ) works in this minimal space.  A more designed light source might have looked like the designer was trying too hard a made this kitchen over designed… You might have convinced me to have used mirror as a back-splash, depends on what would have ended up in the reflection.

This picture is so familiar to me, I’m almost sure I have posted it before.  LOVE! Even the floors are white.  I’m not sure if someone left the lazy Susan corner cabinet door open or if that black detail is intentional but I love the no uppers cabinetry and that there are no trophy appliances surrounded by an overworked tile backsplash and a monster hood of some sort closing in the space.  Oh, and… Trend Alert, you read it here first… I’m going on the record as saying that Corian is the new Granite. I think people will start moving away from the hard cold heaviness of granite and marble and find new innovative ways to use Corian beautifully.  I’ll definitely check back in on that one, stay tuned.


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