November 20, 2011

Love that the owner/designer of this house decided to paint it black to allow the structure to recede into the forest behind it and not overpower the landscape.  There were many good decisions made in the design of this house actually.  There is a very modern feeling thanks to the lack of too many small traditional windows, instead massive sheets of glass and large french doors finish the ends of several rooms, framing the beautiful views and keep the structure simple.

The texture of the boards on both the inside and outside are another brilliant decision, played up with the high contrast of colors from outside to inside.  Love the washed out “everything bright” interiors with the accents of black.  For me, this house reads like a winter house, a place I’d like to go with massive amounts of snow piled up around the house.  Fluffy down comforters on the beds and plenty of cashmere on hand to hunker down with and some good books and magazines would make for a perfect weekend.

I might need a slightly more “sink into me” sofa for this spot to really be cozy.  I get that the high design sofa looks right in this uber-clean interior but I’d have to have a down-filled sofa  and I might add a slick tall armchair for reading ( when I’m not napping).

3 Responses to “”

  1. Unlce Beefy Says:

    Love this place! But, a sink-into-me sofa would most certainly be in order. And, the snow. Indeed.

  2. Mirka Says:

    I have a question. I would like to know where in Finland is that house situated and who is the archtitect?
    Thanks a lot.

    • bill barr Says:

      The cabin is by Finnish architect Ville Hara. Hara designed the building, which is located on an island in a remote lake, with partner Anu Puustinen… their firm is Avanto Architects. They created a floor plan in the shape of a cross, framing different views of the forest and water on all four sides.

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