Hey Pretty

November 18, 2011

We might be staring winter in the face but I’m still delivering slip-covered furniture to clients.  Were putting finishing touches on summer homes before some of my clients leave for warmer destinations BUT slip-covers aren’t just for summer any more.  My local clients that stay local love the relaxed and easy feeling a slip-cover gives an upholstered piece.  plus it’s an easy machine wash when things need a little freshening up… And, the flexibility of swapping out a color or pattern on a whim can’t be beat.  Speaking of fresh, I love this color palette.  I’m pretty sure the small geometric green and natural print is from Lee Industries – but don’t quote me, and it’s great surrounded by all that white.

White is the perfect foil for strong bright colors.  It’s a neutral that maintains a crisp sharp palette and the strength of the white stands up to strong colors like red, navy, lime green and turquoise… to name a few.  I love beige, tan and taupe but choose those neutrals when your using muted colors.


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